Svetlena Duncheva

Svetlena Duncheva is an architect-designer. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She paints with interesting and diverse mixed techniques, uses non-standard materials with appliqués accentuating her ideas, and transforms the stylizations of the images into metaphorical messages. It applies a design approach in the use of light, and in combination with the movement of images, creates clear suggestions.

She has awards for design in exhibitions in Sofia, Algiers, Casablanca, Damascus, Paris, Bucharest, Osaka, etc. As a painter she has a CERTIFICATE OF ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT from the Luxembourg Art Museum.

“I think that to be an painter-artist you need to have a clear value system, your philosophy, worldview and associative thinking to express a position. My credo is: “I don’t paint what I see, I paint what I think”.
In my works, I want to present an unconventional look at history, artifacts, time, nature, human essence, feminine energy and state of mind. Many of my paintings carry hidden messages.”