Born Chinese in Hong Kong, 5EYESTT graduated from the university with BA in Journalism. She has her shop exhibitions in Hong Kong for recent years. In April this year, she just participated in the art fair held in Los Angeles.

Brilliant, visual, creative, energetic/joyful, positive, are the words to describe 5EYESTT’s paintings. She is conveying something positive and telling story through her created art character. Sometimes, she performs as the character, who then ‘jumps out’ from the canvas and reaches the audience lively. She brings her art character travel and exhibit to the world. Every travelling photo can be a painting.

Unique painting style

Beauty is promoted, through her mix-and-match of colors in a balanced way. This coincides with the traditional Chinese philosophy of ‘Yin and Yang’: the abstract meaning of ‘mutual opposition and interdependence’. Her paintings inspire a philosophy: balancing of life. Those outer space spiral-like patterns, which constantly exist in her mind reflected on her paintings, coincide with the scene of some western and Buddha’s concept of reincarnation (Circularity of all life, matter, existence). They are modified like a sea of flowers, which is her unique painting style. And the sharp eyes (resembling the artist’s eyes) consistently present in her paintings are the ‘window of the soul’.

Filled with passion and boundless imagination, her use of vibrant colors and passionate brushstrokes could be reminiscent of Van Gogh’s painting style. What surprisingly, she writes ‘alien texts’ on some of her paintings! Even the current film directors and designers, the media recognize her with great artistic sense and creative sense of humor.